Friday, May 21, 2010

The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen

Recently I had a chance to watch the DVD of Stompin Stu - The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen. Stu was the man back in day, and still is, literally, since he is now a Deputy Sheriff in Orange County. This is a cool movie about one of BMX's greatest legends. It features some rad vintage race footage and also some very personal interviews with Stu, his family, and friends. This is a definite must see for anyone who remembers Stompin Stu.

Below is the filmmaker's description of the film.

From the makers of award winning film, Joe Kid on a Stingray. Stompin Stu is a true story about perhaps the most dominant BMX racer in history, Stu Thomsen. From his battles off the track to his battles on the track, Stompin Stu is most importantly a film about being inspired.

Staring: Stu Thomsen , Perry PK Kramer, Jesse James, Tommy Brackens, Eddy King, Scot Clark, Greg Hill, Skip Hess, Linn Kastan, Scot Breithaupt, Bob Hadley, Greg Grubbs, Brent Patterson, Brian Patterson, Lance Patterson, Ronnie Anderson, Bob Haro, Dennis Dain, Tanya Thomsen, Hans Thomsen, Madeline Thomsen, Jacob Thomsen, Steve Giberson, Bob Todesco, Dana The Duke of Oakley Duke.

Bonus Features: Stus attic, Stus signature bike (The SE STR-1), exclusive interviews with Linn Kastan (Founder of Redline Bicycles) on the history of the Redline flight crank and Redline, Skip Hess(founder of Mongoose Bicycles) on the history of Mongoose, The Duke of Oakley on the first Oakley goggles and more!